I'ille Drakhariin

Visit: Terra Nova!
A primer for your stay in the New World

Welcome to Terra Nova!
Colonized in A.T. 100 by a fleet of bold Imperians, this country serves as both a look into our ancient past, and the supply line for a bright new future.



The first stop on your tour of Terra Nova will be Portico, a bustling port-town that serves as Terra Nova’s main hub for trade. Although it is nearly devoid of technology, Portico will give you a look into our distant past, when we had to rely on the whims of wind and waves to transport ourselves across the sea, and our progress toward the future was marked by the sweat on our brows and the callouses on our hands. So quaint!
While you are there, be certain to visit Maker’s Square to see the finest of Dwarven handiwork, the limits of Human crafting ability, and even a retired Gnomish engineer!
When you are done, head on out to West Gate station, and board the old-fashioned spring-drive railcart to your next destination: Nurthram!

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