Catfolk are native to Al’Jhasqaar, where they travel in large caravans that migrate with the slight change in seasons and availability of food in the massive desert. They are very graceful, and excel at stalking and killing the creatures of the desert. Since their first interactions with Humans, some Catfolk have found that they have a talent for bartering, due to their innate force of personality. It is common for caravans to appoint a Master Silver-tongue, who represents the caravan in all negotiations and mercantile transactions. While Catfolk are generally very personable, they can be fierce warriors and relentless enemies, especially when a member of their caravan is put in danger.

Physical Description

Catfolk are generally a head or more shorter than the average Human, but slightly taller than the average Dwarf. They have bodies covered in a layer of fur, which varies in pattern and thickness widely, to protect them from the cold nights of the Jhasqaar. They have large, pointed ears, which help them to dissipate the desert heat from their bodies. Their skulls are in the shape of various species of large cats; some more closely resemble lions, while others look like Jaguars or cheetahs. Their eyes are like those of a cat, and their pupils contract to slits when they are focused. Catfolk bodies are humanoid, with hands that have an opposable thumb and retractable claws, legs with angled bones that end in cat feet, made for jumping long distances, and a tail that facilitates balance. Due to the shape of their legs, boots must be custom-made for Catfolk, and many of their race tend to avoid wearing them.


Catfolk have an oral history passed down for hundreds of years in the form of fables, which they acknowledge to be slight embellishments of the truth (though if one would go as far as to say even the more outlandish tales are flat-out lies, that would be considered a grave offense to their people). In these stories, the heroes, much of the time, overcome a giant monster or avoid deadly famine and drought by either bargaining for the aid of another race, or tricking that race into helping them. This tendency still shows strongly in the Catfolk of the modern age, who have peaceable relations with every race they meet, but also are known for embellishment, lying, and trickery. Generally, Catfolk will own up to being less-than-honest if caught in a lie they cannot lie their way out of, and fortunately their trickery is generally quite benign; still, it is something of which those who know Catfolk must be ever-vigilant. Despite being known as pathological liars, Catfolk have strong personalities, and are well-liked even among those who have suffered through their pranks. They are trustworthy allies, who will uphold their loyalties with their dying breath… so they say.

Game Statistics

Standard Racial Traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence ; Catfolk are lithe, and have strong personailities, but their nomadic existence lends to a lack of worldly knowledge
  • Size: Medium
  • Low-light vision (1RP)
  • Jumper: Members of this race are always considered to have a running start when making an Acrobatics check to jump. (2 RP)
  • Bite attack, 1d3 (1 RP)
  • Desert Survivor +2 Survival
  • Natural Hunter +2 Stealth (2 RP), +2 Perception (2 RP)

Alternate Traits:
Master Silver-tongue: Some Catfolk are more adept at talking than they are at fighting. They survive through persuading others to do work for them, pulling their weight as a member of their caravan by talking with outside groups and negotiating trades. Master Silver-tongues lose their Bite attack and the Desert Survivor trait, and gain the Silver Tongued trait (+2 bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff checks. Can shift a creature’s attitude by 3 steps rather than 2 with a Diplomacy check).

Feral Warrior: There are those among the caravans who would rather devote all of their time to honing their natural skill with using their bodies as weapons. These Catfolk learn how to utilize their claws effectively in a fight, but they neglect learning from their elders how best to survive in the desert. Feral Warriors lose the Desert Survivor trait, and gain 2 Claw attacks (1d4 each).


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