Humans are the most populous and widespread race in the world. They live on all three major continents, and run the gamut from lowly laborers to the most powerful of royal families. Their motivations for adventure are myriad, but one commonality between most Human adventurers is their intense drive for following their dreams. Because a Human’s lifespan is so short compared to that of other races, they tend to be hyper-motivated to accomplish progress toward their life’s goals with every breath they take.

Though Humans are far-flung and immensely varied in background and motivation, there are variations in Human custom depending on the Region in which they live:


Humans from the Al’Jhasqaar desert tend toward being merchants and sailors, and the Jhasqaari are among the most renowned cartographers in the world, having been the first inhabitants from the Old World to discover and map the New. Jhasqaari are fairly open to people various races, as they share their homeland with Fire Giants, Half-Giants, and Catfolk. Those Humans belonging to the Jhasqaariin are among the most varied and talented Psionics users in the Tribe, and hold several high-ranking positions among their members.


Humans in Gargarflan are, by and large, members of the working class, who toil in the fields or work in the heat of machining shops, creating the cogs and gears which drive the great steam-powered railcarts that roll across the country and through city streets. Some very few Humans have managed to work their way up the political ladder, and are high-ranking members of the Technocracy. Due to the Gnomes’ tendency to see Humans as somewhat barbaric, those who attain this high rank are extremely knowledgeable in Engineering and Technology, generally hold doctorate-level degrees from Collegium Technicae, and have single-handedly designed and built some phenomenal public works project to aid the people of their district; feats which go far beyond those required of Gnomish statesmen.

I’ille Drakhariin

Humans are the predominant race in I’ille Drakhariin, and hold positions of great power within the Kingdom of Guilder and the Portican Senate. The first humans to colonize I’ille Drakhariin 200 years ago (contemporaneous with other races) came from mixed groups of primarily Nordboerne and Saxon lineages. Later, more immigrated from other locations including Al’Jhasqaar, the Spice Isles, and Terra del Vino such that today, while still predominantly Nord and Saxon, the Human population in I’ille Drakhariin includes a various mix of peoples throughout the world.


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