I'ille Drakhariin

I’ille Drakhariin is an island-continent to the Southeast of the Sea of Still Death.
Known as Ka’ath’il (Gift of Dragons) by the Elven Nation, and Terra Nova by the Gnomish Imperium, I’ille Drkhariin was discovered 250 years ago (A.T. 50) by sailors from the Alabaster Coast of the Jhasqaari desert when they attempted to circumnavigate the globe by skirting around the southern edge of Il Mare di Mors Petra. They named it I’ille Drakhariin (Isle of the Dragon-folk) upon their discovery of a new race of beings, called elves, who worshiped a silver dragon-god.

200 years ago, separatists from the Gnomish Imperium, led by a man named Wilhelm Guilder, who was fed up with Gnomish bureaucracy and high taxes, decided to sail to Terra Nova and establish a new civilization. Due to the difficulty of sending a fleet to navigate the treacherous sea around The Sea of Still Death, the Imperium chose not to pursue and imprison the separatists, but instead claimed that they were “sending Guilder and his followers forth to colonize and tame the savage lands of Terra Nova”.

Through various treaties, and exchanges of technology with the elves, Guilder was able to found the harbor-town of Portico, called the “Porch of the New World”. Over the next 200 years, Guilder and his descendants managed to forge a small empire of their own, by building, fortifying, and maintaining trade routes leading from Portico, I’ille Drakhariin’s only accessible port, to every major resource on the continent.

I’ille Drakhariin has become a prosperous nation, despite its remote location, due to the discovery of rare metals, including adamantine, platinum, and mithral, along with the recent discovery of a rare variety of gemstones, called Dragonstone, which emanate elemental energies corresponding to the various dragon types.

For the last 15 years, people of myriad strange races have been washing ashore near the edge of Portico. These people describe having been swallowed up by an inky black vortex in the sky, spinning through the Void, and landing out in the middle of the ocean, left to swim for their lives, or die trying. When/if a common language is found, these people describe being from locations which are not of this world. Some say they are from a place called Ravenloft, others Faerun; people arrive claiming to be from a handful of different worlds. Academics from the Imperium have dubbed the phenomenon Axis ex Veritas, the center of reality, and believe that people and creatures are being transported from alternate universes into ours via a portal in the sky above the Baleful Sea. More generally, the portal is referred to as the Rift, and those who travel through it are variably referred to as Outworlders or Rifters.

Currently, there is a state of some civil unrest between various factions of the inhabitants of I’ille Drakhariin. The Kingdom of Guilder, under the rule of Wilhelm Guilder VII, has failed to uphold many of the treaties it made with the Elven Nations centuries ago, and therefore has invoked the ire of the elves. There are many traders and caravan owners who are unhappy with Wilhelm VII, due to his recent increase in tolls at town gates along the Golden Way, a trade route which runs from Portico, through Guilder, to the Silver Hills, and other resources which are essential to trade within the continent. Despite all this malcontent, open conflict is unlikely, as the kingdom has the largest collection of armed forces on the continent.

I'ille Drakhariin

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