The year is A.T. 300,

and trade between the Old World and the New flourishes. In I’ille Drakhariin, the discovery of new materials from deep within the earth at the base of the Daggertop Mountain Range has driven a small boom of invention, and drawn more eyes on that remote area of the world. In the Western lands of Gargarflan, the Gnomish Imperium is gearing up to announce the development of a wonderful new technology, which they claim will revolutionize global society.

But, even in these days of bright ideas for a glorious future, darkness looms on the horizon. Civil unrest between the Elven Nation and the Kingdom of Guilder, two hundred years in the making, is reaching a boiling point. As king Guilder VII grows older and more feeble, his mind turns to bitterness and distrust, which threatens to taint even the relatively peaceable relations between Gargarflan and Guilder.

As if all that weren’t enough, monsters have been assaulting important outposts along the Silver Hills mining routes. While these outposts are prepared for monstrous incursions, defenses have been faltering due to increased discipline, coordination, and tact among the enemy forces, and dwindling supply lines. Someone is training these savage species and making them into an effective army; it is unknown to what end.

I'ille Drakhariin