Though there are many calendars used around the world (Jhasqaari and Elven, just to name a few), the Empire established the Kalendarium Regula Commercium, or standard trade calendar, which was based off of its own dating system. After the fall of the Empire, the Gnomish Imperium carried on the imperial calendar system, and named the age of its ascension into power Aetas Technicae; the Technological Era.

A.C. – Aetas Cascus; the Ancient, or Primitive, Era

Dates from 2000 years before the foundation of the empire in A.I. 1. Dates in Aetas Cascus are cited from oldest to latest in descending order; thus A.C. 1 is the year before the foundation of the Empire, and A.C. 2000 is the furthest back that the era goes. Certain races have written histories which go back further than 2000 years (chief among them the Elves, whose histories date back tens of thousands of years), but the first written history of Humans starts at about A.C. 1500. Human religious beliefs at the time of the calendar’s creation dictated that there could be no date beyond A.C. 2000, as that is when the Gods made the world.

A.I. – Aetas Imperialis; the Imperial Era

A.T. – Aetas Technicae; the Technological Era


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