The Gnomish Imperium


The Gnomish Imperium was founded in A.I. 1400, after the Society of Gnomish Technologists built a gargantuan mechanical soldier, known as Triarius Primum, to defeat Falazure, Scourge of Countries, the last of the Great Wyrms to inhabit Imperial lands. By this point in time, the reigning Magus Imperii was already in decline, having suffered the loss of many of their great wizards to the magicis robiginem.

The Imperium once included only the lands of the Cerulean Steppes, and some of the hills to the south, but as the Empire declined, and the Gnomes replaced dilapidated arcane devices and public works with , the Gnomish Imperium expanded to include nearly all of Gallifar. The fall of the Empire gave rise the modren era (referred to as Aetate Mechanica) wherein the Gnomish Imperium is the predominant government in the Old World.


While the Imperium has kept some of the traditions and the language of the old Empire, the structure of government is quite different. Because Gnomes respect invention and technology above all else, this new government has come to be known as a Technocracy. Its focus is on the development of new technologies, the improvement the old, and the creation of inventions to drive the world ever onward into a mechanized future. While high-ranking political offices are generally held by Gnomes, requirements to run for those offices focus primarily on intelligence, inventiveness, and technological knowledge, so there are members of other races who occasionally become important players in the political landscape.

The Gnomish Imperium

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